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Over 10 years experience in web development and programming expertise of delivering high quality websites and applications.

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JThumbs JThumbs HOT

JThumbs is a plugin that create thumbnails in real time for the content images using HighSlide.

(The additional script Highslide JS is not free for commercial use)

HighSlide is a JS similar to lightbox / greybox / slimbox and many others but I prefere the Style much more. Instead of poping up and fading out the website it give the user the feeling not to seperate the photo from the page. PRE-REQUIREMENT: I take no Credit for the HighSlide Script. The only thing you have to do is to insert image and select jthumbs style from your editor. (to change styles in WYSIWYG editor just create the editor.css file containing .jthumbs {border: 0;} in your "templates/your_template/css/" directory)

v.2.0 : new thumbnail engine. Corrected problem with cache files. Using fancybox for showing thumbs. more comming soon...

v.1.3 : now with phpThumb() by James Heinrich there are better functions for creating thumbs... no more problems with .png images... 

v.1.4 : Added images attributes (align,vspace,hspace)


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